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Name: Andrea Trujillo
Known for: Her appetite (for life & all things sweet)Inspiration: My Sweet Tooth & My Closet
Favorite Candy: Today, Licorice. But, Ask me tomorrow.
Favorite Color: Yellow!
Fashion Must Have: A killer pair of shoes & knockout handbag
Heroes: Mom & Dad
Most prized possession: Faith. Hope. Love.
Motto: "Not complete without A.sweeT.!"

Andrea's journey to open A.sweeT. began when she was a wee babe. Yes. That's right. Just a toddler. How is this possible, you ask? Well, Ok. Andrea didn't exactly know that A.sweeT. was her destiny. But, did Mama & Papa Trujillo? Well, they just may have had a sneaking suspicion. From the moment they gave Andrea her first taste of sweetness, they knew something changed within her. Andrea, herself, was always a sweet baby - but her fascination for sweets had really just begun... 

Andrea's childhood was filled with the following: bubble gum wads (she just loved to chew gum), soccer balls & scrapes on the knees (yes, she was a bit of a tomboy growing up), ice cream (bubble gum flavored, naturally), lollipops (preferably the unicorn kind at Disneyland), pancakes (Mickey Mouse pancakes, of course), goody bags & piñatas (her birthday parties were always the best!), shopping with mom & dad and sisters in tow (it was best when dad was in a good mood. that equals extra generosity and a milkshake afterwards. score!) and spending countless hours in candy stores (she didn't know it yet - but it was art appreciation - extra credit earned). 

As Andrea got older, graduated from college and was forced to grow up (...sigh), she moved to Los Angeles and noticed one thing that the city lacked - no candy stores. She knew it was her mission to change that - and fast. Well, maybe not so fast... First Andrea spent a few years at TBWACHIATDAY (yes one of the ad world's greatest) working in advertising and learning about the creative and consumer mind, before moving to New York (a pretty unplanned move - but hey, cool gig. stay tuned...) to work at DailyCandy (pretty cool huh?), where she managed and wrote editorial pieces. After two years at DailyCandy, the entrepreneurial bug bit Andrea hard, and she knew that she now had both enough business savvy and insight to the consumer mind in order to start her own business. She needed to follow her heart, head back to LA, and open a store with a style all of her own. It would mix her passion for fashion and tooth for sweet treats. It was then...A.sweeT. was born.

About the Store

Store Stats

Name: A.sweeT.
Known for: Candy & Fashion
Inspired by: Andrea Trujillo - "Your favorite things in life inspire the person you are & the things that you do"
Best Selling Candy: Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears & Candy Corn
Clothing Type: Designer
Store Must Have: A Custom Gift Basket & A Catered Event
Ownership: Privately Owned (but cat's out the bag, you know Andrea!)
Celebrity Fans: Angie Harmon, Tiffany Theissen, Brittany Snow, Stephanie Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Bridgette Wilson, Marcia Cross, Amber Valetta, Julianne Hough, Kelly Rutherford, Alex Rodriguez, Zach Randolph…
Motto: Not complete without A.sweeT.!

Andrea Trujillo opened the doors to A.sweeT. on October 6th, 2009. On that day, Andrea introduced to the world a one-of-a-kind concept, mixing both candy & fashion - her two favorite indulgences - together, in one boutique. Andrea's mission was to provide a happy place for people to come and treat themselves to something that made them feel good, whether it be a piece of candy, piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing.

Andrea made sure that at A.sweeT., every type of sweet tooth would be (sugar) covered. To ensure such quality, the boutique offers candy fanatics over 90 bins of bulk candy - everything from traditional items like gummy bears to more unique items like chocolate covered potato chips (yes, that's right)- in addition to a range of retro candy (remember Chuckles?), novelty candy (Gummy Bacon anyone?), and gourmet candy (rich handcrafted truffles. yum.); while also offering fashionistas sweet style fixes (sans the sugar & the calories, of course!) on designer duds & accessories. Custom gift baskets are also available if you'd like to show a special someone that your heart is sweet.

Walking through the store, taste buds will surely be stimulated (hello, astronaut ice cream?! I last saw you when I was 10… oohlala…little handbag, you are the perfect 10!). Don't worry a little salivation is normal while perusing the mix of treats and trends. And, that's okay because A.sweeT. will cure your salivation with sweet salvation. You know what they say… "You're not complete, without A.sweeT.!"